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Tele-Play Therapy for Therapists in COVID-19 Shelter at Home Areas

Many therapists are interested in offering therapy to children via the web. These interactions can be meaningful and provide the clients with essential personal space within the shelter at home environment. Here are some resources and ideas that other therapists have shared.


Tammy Van Hollander: Day by Day Activities and Insights

Karen Wolfe: Parent Child Tele Play Therapy Training-


Tele-PLAY Therapy Resources and Support

Play Therapy and EMDR Therapy Conversations

Creative Play Therapists: Tele-Play Therapy

FREE GROUP: The Sandtray Movement

Groups, Organizations, & Training

The Theraplay Institute: Some free, many paid resources

For Parents

PBS How to talk to Kids about Corona Virus- LINK

Sesame Street Caring for Each Other in Crisis- LINK

Calendar of Virtual Fieldtrips- LINK

Tele-Play Activities to Start Off:

· Sharing toys and stories with toys

· Painting Rocks (And hiding around neighborhood for others to find)

· COVID-19 Time Capsules

· Puppets with Socks or Paper Bags

· Fantasy Island Creation, FI with Imagery

· Fairy Village

· Virtual Uno Game:

· Chalking Family Maps & Expression- Youtube Video

· Feelings Check Up and Post in Window Rainbows

· Window Teddy Bears for Kids on Walks to Find

· Origami

· Progressive Storytelling

· Verbal Games: Never have I ever, Im going to.., choose one

Bibliotherapy with Accompanied Activities

· Moon with Howling and Calm vs Wild practice

· Feelings Monster with creation of own monster bottle for feelings rocks

· Even Superheros Have Bad Days with art “good/bad actions vs good/bad guys”


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